woensdag, mei 02, 2007

Scissors in my space

The word for today is

An instrument used for cutting. Find some in your space today.

It was an easy one today. In our space there are scissors everywhere. You always have trouble finding one, isn't it. In our space we have scissors on every floor. In the kitchen there is a Ikea-tin whit lots of scissors in different sizes. At the first floot there are scissors to cut labels from new clothes and ever now and then to cut a band-aid when someone cuts himself when shaving..
On the second floor there are scissors in my space, my scraproom. Lots of them, small ones, big ones, scissors to cut nice strips of paper with figures, etc.....

The picture shows the tin in the kitchen.

7 opmerkingen:

mil lunares zei

Scissors in my favorite colors, I love that shot! :-)

Angela zei

Snap! we have a similar picture.

Can't believe how many pairs of scissors you have in your house. In my picture, that is almost all of my scissors apart from a little sewing pair and hairdressing scissors upstairs.

Andrew zei

Great photo - you can never have too many scissors!

*** Moneypenny *** zei

Gorgeous colours and a great photo ~ Vanda xXx

Lin zei

Lovely photo, sounds as if you were spoilt for choice!

In our house, my black 'n' whites are the only ones I can guarantee will be where they're supposed to be! ;-)

Jess zei

This is a great shot, love the colors of the scissors with the silver can.. very cool!

Aubrey Harns zei

Who knew there were scissor junkies in the world?! Just teasing. Great photo!