dinsdag, april 24, 2007


A collection of materials that adorns for special occassions or just everyday. Find a garland in your space today.

In our space there is a silver-coloured chain with clips on it. It's in our space the whole year around. It holds birthdaycards, notes, christmascard, valentinecards, summer-holidaycard, etc. Everything we want to keep a while goes on the garland.

9 opmerkingen:

Linda zei

lovely photos! Garland is a difficult one isn't it?

*** Moneypenny *** zei

What a fab idea!! Lovely photo ~ Vanda xXx

Angela zei

Gosh, well done. I'm really going to struggle with garland.

Jess zei

Well thats a good job of it, i never thought of that. Great snap!!!

Anoniem zei

What a great idea for the chain! I love your photo too :o)

Aubrey Harns zei

Really neat idea for your garland. Cool!

Anoniem zei

Great idea and fab photo!

MaaikeV zei

leuk zeg met die fotos van allerhande onderwerpen!!
mocht je zin hebben ik heb je getagged!

Cleo Fitzgerald zei

excellent idea .. well thought of.